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Looking for a beautifully crafted and sustainable candle? Look no further than Lola Designs. As a Canadian brand committed to quality and Eco-consciousness, every candle we produce is individually hand poured with care and attention to detail.


Our soy wax candles come in jars or sculptures, perfect for any room in your home. Lola Designs provide a premium ambience without compromising your values.

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With a passion for creativity and a desire to share it with the world, I embarked on a journey, thanks to my 9 year old son, to make candles.


We initially made candles to gift to his teachers, using his wonderful art skills, but soon saw the demand for our products grow.

Our candles are crafted with care and infused with essential oils, providing a relaxing and calming experience for our customers.


With my son's keen eye for colour and scent, Lola Designs developed a collection of candles that are a perfect blend of style and quality.

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